Snubber Test Bench Upgrade
Anchor Darling Models Mark-3, Mark-4, and S-4000
The Barker/Diacon S-4000 Series Snubber Test Bench Upgrade is designed to provide utility and service companies with a rugged, easy to maintain, and easy to operate piece of test gear to support snubber ISI activities. The S-4000 Test Bench upgrade is designed to test all common types of snubbers which fall within it's design load envelope. These types include mechanical acceleration limiting, mechanical velocity limiting, and hydraulic velocity limiting with or without (lock up) characteristics. The new S-4000 software includes a database for setup parameters for up to 200 snubber types. This database is easily accessible for additions and/or modifications by the user. New load cells and data acquisition system : New state of the art data acquisition system which include: Simplified hydraulic design : Lower cost and simpler operation than servo based systems. Computer generated test output : Easy to read printouts provide both graphical and alphanumeric test results for easy and accurate test interpretation. ( Initial drag, acceleration or activation, and final drag all on one test page.) Software Verification and Validation is also available for all of our new test benches and upgrades. If you have any questions on any of our snubber related products, please contact us.
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